Rental Property

Rental Services

The union of Dreamweaver’s maintenance division and Sterling Real Estate rent-up services provides peace of mind to owners from San Diego to Laguna Beach and East to La Quinta/Palms Springs communities.  Complete advertising, pre-screening and credit analysis, lease preparation and signing, property inspection evaluation report with tenant signature acceptance, and rent collection are all part of the Sterling package.  Rent ready preparation and repair support is always available through the Dreamweaver maintenance connection.

Rent and Sale Ready

Dreamweaver Design & Construction, Inc., and Sterling Real Estate Services provide complete rent ready and sale ready preparation services.  The direct connection between clean, sharp or properly staged property with sale or rent up lag time is inescapable.  The more desirable a property looks, the sooner it rents or sells at the best possible price.  Knowing how to achieve a this cost effectively is your key to success.  Documenting property conditions through pictures and inspection reporting provides the necessary leverage to keep tenants responsible for maintaining your property.  In the case of Sale properties, visual appearances are instrumental to selling, appraising, and loan underwriting.