About Dreamweaver Design & Construction, INC.


Scott Sterling: Founder/Owner


In the latter half of the 60’s, my father and mother invested heavily in a series of small single family rental properties in Orange County, CA.  Being a frugal family, my parents realized that they could recapture some of their investment in raising a son by using this resource as a gratuitous labor source for managing and maintaining their properties.  For the next 8 years I fixed, cleaned and rented the family holdings.

After surviving a degree in Psychology, I pursued a design and manufacturing quest as the CEO of Arterra Inc.  Then in the late 70’s I acquired my Real Estate credentials and spent the next decade as a Real Estate Broker and Mortgage professional.

As an adjunct to our investment brokerage, we created a property management and maintenance division in order to insulate our clients from runaway expenses and predatory contractors.  This sideline grew consistently throughout the 90’s with more and more clients desiring larger and larger projects.

  • In House Design, Production, & Installation
  • Highly Competitive Pricing
  • Limitless Imagination


Capability 1:
Rent ready and sale ready rehabs.Because of our long history of property ownership and management, we have an appreciation for the challenges of renting and maintaining rental property. Let us help you maximize your properties potential.
Capability 2:

Association maintenance.
As the Architectural Director for 2 Associations our sensitivity to cost effective solutions for typically under financed Associations has developed into a devotion of sorts.  Choice of materials and application make the difference in the longevity of of a fix.  Doing it right the 1st time as opposed to doing it over and wasting resources is always our primary objective.
Capability 3:
Create unique Character & Charm to your home: This is our highest and best use , because LIFE IS ART, LIVE IT! We do all our own in-house creativity.  If you have an architect or designer that your working with, hire a general contractor who just follows someone else’s concepts. Dreamweaver is not for you.  We don’t do mediocre & we don’t do repeats, but if you want the most exceptional property at the most desirable cost, you’ve come to the right place.